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Obstructive sleep apnea can severely affect your life, negatively impacting not only the quality of your sleep, but the quality of your health, too. The ultimate solution is an innovative hybrid of traditional and breakthrough treatments called the TAP PAP CS. Combining a TAP Custom oral appliance with a CPAP nasal pillow mask, the TAP PAP CS stabilizes the jaw while opening the airway, and therefore, lowering the pressure through nasal pillows. It’s comfortable, effective, and—best of all—it helps you get a deeper, more restful night’s sleep!

Better Sleep, Better Life


If you’ve tried both a CPAP and oral appliance and didn’t experience improvement—the TAP PAP CS is the ultimate solution! It gives you the best of both worlds, combining both traditional tactics to create an industry-leading sleep apnea treatment. No straps make it extremely comfortable while its innovative design makes it effective—giving you the best of both worlds. If you’re ready to live better, first you have to sleep better—and the TAP PAP CS is ready to help you do both!


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myTAP ™

Quickly fitted for you in just 15 minutes, myTAP ™ offers same-day treatment and immediate relief!


Combining myTAP upper tray technology and a traditional CPAP mask, myTAP PAP NPM provides treatment through a
strapless, comfortable solution.

TAP Custom
TAP Custom

Personalized to each patient, the TAP Custom is high-quality and lab-made to produce the best in personalized sleep
apnea treatments.

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